Welcome to The Living Yoga Project

Let yoga into your life and make your every day a new beginning.

Why Join the Living Yoga Project

Hari Om

"Project" is an apt name for our community, since living yoga - as opposed to yoga practice - is indeed a lifelong project, one where each step forward is a life-changing revelation.

By joining, you will get first-hand access to a wealth of practical knowledge. Whatever your needs, aims and aspirations are, there will be something here that will speak to you thanks to the all-encompassing scope of classical yoga.

You will also be able to share your insights, ask practical questions (and get answers to them), and connect with others, perhaps making some new like-minded friends along the way.

Our network is inspired by traditional yoga with its abundance of practical methods of transformation. It aims to grow in all dimensions, to leave no stone unturned, and to present yoga as the truly universal science of life that it is, applicable to one and all.

Om Tat Sat